Custom Knives by Zach Wood - Company Message
About Me
     I have always been interested in knives and started building them in one form or another at a young age. I would say my first real attempt was around Jr. High and the end result was much to be desired but it was a starting point none the less. I fumbled around with it a lot until one day I found a book titled "Step-by-Step Knife making by David Boye" in the local library. I must have checked that book out a hundred times! That was my first bit of information that hadn't come from my own trial and error. And so it went for a number of years, bits of information here and there and lots of learning from my mistakes, until I graduated from high school and managed to somehow find a job in an old knife shop (100 years old in 2010!) in downtown Salt Lake City. There they did professional sharpening and sold retail knives. That is where my talent truly took off. For three years I was taught how to properly sharpen nearly everything under the sun. Just about the only thing we did not sharpen there were saws. We used a 35 inch diameter water cooled stone that turned at a slow RPM and everything was done by hand. To this day I still say it was the best job I ever had. But being young and fool hearted I decided I could do it better and left the old shop and started my own business. I built and ran that with a business partner for about three and a half years until we just couldn't stand each other any more and I just left.
     And skipping ahead a few uneventful years (except the birth of my beautiful daughter) I am now living in Montana, working a real job a half mile underground and still making knives part time.
About My Knives
I use a wide range of techniques to create My knives. I utilize forging (like a blacksmith) as well as stock removal (sawing and grinding the blades from flat stock) depending on what a customer wants, what steel I am working with and how I feel at the moment. I have worked with a wide verity of steels including stainless, damascus, high carbon, and some other high alloy exotic steels. And as far as handle material one of my favorite is Micarta. Micarta is a laminated material usually made of linen or canvas, impregnated under high pressure and heat with a phenolic resin. It is resistant to heat and cold, moisture, most chemicals, is super tough and is fairly easy to work. I can and often do work in other handle materials as well, Stag or horn, wood, parachute cord, leather and just about anything else you might want on a handle.
   I do my own heat treating on most all of my carbon steel blades but I do send my stainless and high alloy steel out. (I leave the tricky steels to those who have better and more presice equipment than myself.)
   I am a firm believer in using the right tool for the job. That said the knife can be used for many jobs it is not intended for. A lot of the knives I build are for a particular purpose, the steel they're made from, the temper they have and the edge geometry they have all depend on the intended use. Some are made for fine work like skinning and some are made for hard use like survival or real combat. A lot of how I build and design a knife depends on the end use and how hard the customer is on there equipment.
    So weather you need a knife that will get you to hell and back or you want a nice hunter that is of your design that you can truly call your own I can make it happen.
 Please feel free to contact me for any questions you may have
or to place an order.
Thank you,
Zach Wood