Custom Knives by Zach Wood - Company Message
      A very dear friend of mine was kind enough to share with me his thoughts on the Custom knife and was gracious enough to write this for me and here I share it with you.
     "Like any other passion, custom knife making is a true art. It is an ancient art without which we may not have the society we live in today. While the purposes of knives vary, it is a timeless tool to be admired and respected. Whether the knife being made is intended for mere decoration or is meant for a long and arduous life of intense use, custom knives are made with true spirit. A true bladesmith can create such a unique and powerful tool that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but can also serve as a tough and true companion through nearly any project. I have personally witnessed the spark of creativity become a design, and once crude materials become the three dimensional reality of that design.
      Custom knife making is an elegant combination of all elements. Whether it be the materials used to make the knife or the air filling the lungs of the blade smith as his hammer forges the shape of his creation. And once the knife is complete, all the knowledge, patience and sweat that went into making the knife are visible in its refinement. Forging is a skill that determined artists and craftsman are constantly practicing, finding new and better ways to perfect their trade. It is true that knowledge is power and every blade containing the collective years of the bladesmith’s knowledge will reflect that power in every way.
     The strong personal connection to a custom knife is also held in the heart of the owner. Having a custom knife tailored to suit your specific needs will grant you such a tool that, when completing the projects for which it was intended, it will move and feel like an extension of your body. From the personal preferences of material and colors, to the necessity of a specific blade type, the custom knife will embody a large piece of the owner’s spirit as well.
     In my personal collection I have amassed over 300 blades, from small to large; production and custom both. Having worked with Zach for many years I have learned more than I would have imagined when I began collecting. Custom knife making is his true passion and there is no one else I know with whom I would trust the care of any of my blades. His expertise and knowledge of knives show that he deeply respects the blade and appreciates all that it has done since its inception. "
                         ---Derek Widdekind
       The knife is one of mankinds oldest tools. Without it I can honestly say I believe civilization as we know it would simply not exist. For humans to just plane survive we must have an instrument with which to cut, be it a sharp stone or the finest steel our modern age technology has to offer. Infact it is said that before humans were even truly humans we had "knives" of one form or another well over 200,000 years ago. To me it is truly amazing that such a basic object has survived this long and the fact that it holds such an important roll today as it did many, many millenia ago. Its almost as basic as the hammer itself, a big friggin rock to smash stuff.