Custom Knives by Zach Wood - Company Message
Sharpening Services
     With 10 years of professional sharpening experience I have the knowledge and expertise to sharpen nearly anything you need sharp. Just about the only thing I don't do are saws. I was the premiere sharpener for professional beautician and barbers shears in Salt Lake City when I was set up there. I can do hunting knives, kitchen knives, professional chefs knives, garden tools, fabric and hair shears, axes and hatchets and nearly anything else you need. I also can fix damaged knives and such (broken tip, chipped edge, damaged shears etc.) Prices are very reasonable and are usually only a few bucks per knife, fabric shears range from 7 to 10 dollars and professional hair shears are around $26.
     If you need something tuned up or have any questions feel free to contact me.